OWLE Bubo HD Video Kit for iPhone 4/4S

OWLE Bubo HD Video Kit for iPhone 4/4S
OWLE Bubo HD Video Kit for iPhone 4/4S
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Light, Camera….Action! Meet the Owle Bubo HD Video Kit for the Apple iPhone 4 - the ultimate solution for users looking to maximise the HD video recording capabilities of their Apple iPhone 4.

The Owle Bubo HD Video Kit includes an Owle Bubo camera mount for the Apple iPhone 4, Rotolight RL48-A ringlight and carry pouch.

The Rotolight RL48-A HD LED Ringlight is the perfect accessory for those who want to throw some light into their footage. The multi-award winning Rotolight fit's quickly and easily to the Owle Bubo unit, providing bright, adjustable fill-in light for both HD videography and photograph. A set of Colour Correction filters are included to provide greater creative control with a variety of colour temperatures, as well as Neutral Density filters for controlled dimming and a Diffusion filter for improved skin tones.

The OWLE Bubo is a camera mount that brings the best features of a camcorder to your iPhone 4: stability, optics, microphones and tripods! The OWLE Bubo is made of a solid piece of aluminium, making it virtually indestructible. The OWLE Bubo comes standard with 37mm lens threading, as well as a 0.45x wide angle/ macro lens combination. This is a real piece of optics, delivering stunning images with better colour saturation, contrast and sharpness than is possible with the iPhone's camera alone.

Completing the Owle Bubo HD Video Kit is the Rotolight Belt Pouch which has enough room for your Owle Bubo, Rotolight, Camera/Stand Mount, iPhone 4, wide-angle lens, Vericorder microphone and spare AA batteries.

- Anodised Billet Aluminium Unibody iPhone mount.
- High quality adjustable Vericorder Microphone
- 37mm .45x wide-angle/macro combination lens
- Cold-shoe mount for standard camera add-ons
- Tripod threading on all 4 corners
- Award-Winning Rotolight RL48-A HD LED Ringlight with filters.
- Rugged carrying pouch for all accessories.

In the box
- OWLE Bubo iPhone mount
- Rotolight RL48-A HD LED Ringlight
- Carry Pouch
- Colour Correction, Neutral Density and Diffusion filters.

This product is only compatible with the Apple iPhone 4

Compatible Devices
Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4S

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